Friday, April 15, 2005

Drug Advertisements

Prescription drug advertisements shall abide the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 202 Section 1 (21CFR202.1). Prescription drug ads are divided into the following our categories:
  1. Product claim ads should contain fair balance between risks and benefits. This is the most direct approach to drug advertising
  2. Disease awareness ads present symptoms and encourage people to see the doctors. Although no drug name is mentioned, the drug company's logo is often prominently.
  3. Reminder ads feature the drug's trade name and generic name in half the font size. No indication (intended use) or dosing information is given. No risk info is given either.
  4. Institutional ads announce the name of the drug company and its focused therapeutic area of research.
Two typical approach to drug ads
  1. Exploitation of fears about declining health -- These ads more or less say that if you don't take these drugs, you will die. My favorite come-on line is "Will a heart attack make your life run out before your grandson tastes his first ice cream?"
  2. Promises of an improved life -- These ads often feature a woman gardening, a man playing golf, a child playing baseball, a nonthreatening couple embracing. Other common elements are sunshine, flowers, and waterfalls. These ads more or less say that their drugs will bring you happiness. My favorite ad in this category simply asks a 30-something man, "Want to improve your sex life?"


Blogger Alex said...

Oh Anh, isn't pharmaceutical marketing a riot? You do realize we're the only one who laugh at this shit...

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