Sunday, June 23, 2013

TriRock Philly 2013 Race Report

Finally! I was able to string together a triathlon performance that I am proud of.


173 out of 1333 overall finishers in the OLYMPIC distance.
22 out of 167 in Age Group M35-39.

Breakaway Racing at TriRock Philly

Breakaway Racing at TriRock Philly

TriRock Philly Olympic

TriRock Philly Olympic

TriRock Philly Olympic

Swim (0.9 miles) - Actual time = 27 minutes 33 seconds (goal = under 30 minutes)
I definitely benefited from the newly implemented time trial swim start. 10 at a time jumping off a dock off of St. Joe's boathouse. I had a lot of room to swim. I stuck with my strategy of taking it easy on the swim. I stayed slightly behind my training partner Steve Tarrant and even draft off of him and a few other swimmers. Water temp & condition were ideal for me. I was very happy to see a 26:xx on my watch as I exited the Schuylkill River.

Swim Data (GPS signal lost after 900 meters)

T1 swim/bike transition - Actual time = ? (goal = 2 minutes)
I ran into a wrong bike rack!!!! I made a point during transition set-up to learn where my bike was but in the post-swim rush, I lost my mind and lost about 20 seconds. Once I took my bike off the rack, I was fast running out of the transition area.

Bike (24.8 miles) - Actual time = 1 hour 12 minutes 27 seconds (goal = under 1 hour 15 minutes)
I was in Wave 9 out 15 so when I got on my bike, the road was full of slow riders from earlier waves. The bike course consisted of 2-loop, 12.4 mile per loop. There were mostly 3 or 4 riders constantly riding side-by-side. I found myself constantly passing other riders, and intermittently being passed at the same time.

I had pretty much an even split for each loop. I was in the small gear for every hill and went hard during flats. I stayed within my power zone (thanks to the coaches at @BreakawayBikes) so my heart rate never spiked too high.

Bike Data

T2 bike/run transition - Actual time = ? (Goal = 2 minutes)
No transition drama this time. I ran fast pushing my bike to my transition spot and quickly got out my running shoes.

Run (6.2 miles) -- Actual time = 41 minutes 23 seconds (Goal = under 42 minutes)
Wheeeeee! I knew I was on my way to a new personal best at the start of my run. My legs were strong. I started out fast and never slowed down. Only one fast runner past me during my run. The weather got hot during my run, which allowed me to pass even more pooped-out runners.

Run Data

1 pack of Roctane GU before swim
1 pack of Roctane GU during first big hill on bike, first loop
2 salt pills while climbing Lemon Hill first time
1 pack of Roctane GU during first big hill during second loop
2 salt pills during last climbing Lemon Hill second time
Finished first bottle of Ironman Perform at start of second loop, and refilled it with 2nd bottle on bike frame between my legs
1 pack of Roctane GU at start of the run
Water or TYR electrolyte at almost every fluid stop during the run, even just to cool down my face.
2 cans of Michelob Ultra in the beer garden post-race :)

Post-race recovery meal: Pho 75 No. 1 special & iced coffee with condensed milk
TriRock Philly Olympic

The finisher's medal is also a beer bottle opener!
TriRock Philly Olympic

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