Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fusion My Ass Cross Training - 69 Ways

Sixty-nine days ago, the 8G Apple iPhone cost $599. I had never heard of Senator Larry Craig. I had never completed in an open water swim nor anything trail run longer than 10k.

Sixty-nine days ago I started a training program to get me through the summer distractions. I am happy to have completed my very own Fusion My Ass Cross Training program. No trendy gym needed. I relied on my own to motivate myself. I did it to stay focus. I did it to stay busy. I did it to look good. I did it to stay healthy. Most of all, I did it to have fun.

Day 65 (Sept 10) - chest with Chris
Day 66 (Sept 11) - swimming with the Fins ... learned open turns
Day 67 (Sept 12) - Abs & Ass class; legs with Chris
Day 68 (Sep 13) - swimming with the Fins (end of practice 50's sprints: 45, 47, and 59)
Day 69 (Sep 14) - nothing!

Photo credit: Jason Smith

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