Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ben Franklin Bridge Challenge 10K

After walking the 5K race yesterday, I put my tender feet and new haircut to a test today during the Ben Franklin Bridge Challenge 10K. The temperature was about 40F. I wore thermal tights and headwear, two sets of gloves, and four layers of various technical shirts. After a mile I started to get hot. Once the brige part was over, I took off two layers of shirts and put away my gloves and headwear to run the last three miles.
It was a good run. I wanted to run a marathon pace, and I did that for the first half of the 10K. Once one of my triathlon friends caught up with me, I slightly increased my pace. The running part was supposed to be my strong hold, and I wasn't going to slip. I finished at around 49 minutes, which was good enough for me. I could run a 10K at 45 minutes at my best, but speed wasn't the main concern today. I wanted to make sure that my ailing body could still run.
The best thing about the run was the company I was with: three hot gay triathletes! We made a quick exit from Camden after the race to to a hot gay swimmer for brunch at the Italian Market. What a day!

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