Saturday, July 29, 2006

Adventures @ chat room was a major sponsor at the Chicago Gay Games. Not that I needed a reason to log on for some idle chats. One of my least favorite goes like this ...

***top4u*****: hi
***top4u*****: nice mas geneorus man here
***top4u*****: $ and fun
***vtop4u*****: looking to meet and spoil
***top4u*****: a hot young guy
***top4u*****: possible job
anhphl: Not interested. thanks
***top4u*****: ok
***top4u*****: good luck
***top4u*****: if you ever need to be spoiled
***top4u*****: let me know

While I appreciated a little attention, this exchange made me amused but sad at the same time. Whom did he think I was, Miss Saigon? I don't know why this person doesn't go to a bathhouse or contact an escort service. We're talking about the likely chance of success here.


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