Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lee Tamahori a cross-dressing prostitute?

B-list film director Lee Tamahori was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting an undercover police officer in Hollywood and offering to perform a sex act for money. He was arrested while wearing an off-the-shoulder dress and black wig.
I always suspected that there was more to Tamahori's sweet nature. During my brief stint as an entertainment reporter, I interviewed him in 1997 during his press tour for a movie called "The Edge" starring Athony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.
Lee, you should do whatever that makes you happy. If you want to be a cross-dresser, there a plenty of gentlemen who would appreciate that. Eddie Murphy comes to mind! But please get back to directing. We all are dying for a comeback story. We all want another B-list mind-numbling thriller with a lot of explosions. Maybe a sequel to "Along Came a Spider"?


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