Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sick Days

I haven't been to my office yet this week. Monday was a holiday. I called out sick on Tuesday. I worked from home today. I could have had a great time if I didn't have a host of unpleasant symptoms due to my illness. My co-leagues should be glad that I'm not taking my contagious body into the office.

I was mostly bed-bound on Tuesday, but I was quite productive today. I'd say that I worked about nine hours, reclaiming my franchise that I neglected for so long ... (a full day). I did all the work while watching TV shows that were so good (Project Runway) and so bad (MTV's Next!)

I want to go to work tomorrow. It's the monthly audit day which excites no one else but me! However, I probably will work from home to ride out my illness.


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