Sunday, April 24, 2005

Two more queens moving to the gayborhood

My father asked me if it was safe. Some of my friends and co-workers asked "Why?" while other friends said "Yay!"

The reaction was mixed, as if I were planning to sky dive.

Jacob and I are moving into the city. We're equally excited about our decision. We signed the lease last week, and our moving preparation is underway.

It's hard to believe that it has been seven years since I moved out of the city. I always had wanted to return, but I kept bouncing around the suburbs for different reasons. Well, I've ran out of excuses. I did a quick analysis of city life vs. suburban life for items that are important to me. City life wins by the size of Fairmount Park where I regularly play soccer and train for marathons.

The relocation will be beneficial to Jacob as well. It will put him closer to campus, and his Mini-Me Zach.

I think both Jacob and I will enjoy being in the city. We're ready for a new adventure. If this is sky diving, we have our parachutes.


Blogger Alex said...

Please take out an ad in the PGN announcing "Help Wanted: Vacant, lucrative street corner in Norristown seeks new ho"

11:33 PM  

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