Sunday, April 17, 2005

The 2005 New Jersey Marathon

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I spent a nice sunny day at the Jersey shore getting a tan and completing my second marathon. The course was as flat as advertised. The volunteers were enthusiasic and helpful. Plenty of portable bathrooms and real bathrooms. The run started at Sandy Hook. We went up north to a state park, coming back to Sandy Hook, and kept going south along the Jersey Shore points. We passed Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach. We were on Mile 20 when we reached Long Branch, the future finish line, at which we had to run a 10-mile loop before returning to Long Branch for the real finish.

I started out slow but gradually increased to a 9 minute per mile pace until I reached the loop where things started go go awry. I ran out of engery. My body tensed up. My pace signficantly slowed down. I was running at about a 15 minute per mile pace, which equivalent to walking. When given orange slices at Mile 18, I ate everything including the orange peel. Food never tasted so good. I walked a little bit to ease my cramps. Other food became available. I continued to do run /walk and graduate reduced the walking time. By Mile 23 I started running steadily and kept a good pace until the finish line. I even managed to sprint the last half mile, passing about 5 people.

My 4:42 time was not was fast as I had hoped, but it is 15 minutes faster than my first marathon. I felt that I trained well and I am happy with the results.

BIB# 342
Clock time: 4:42:24.9
Pace: 10:46 minutes per mile
Place: 965 / 1360 finishers
Age group: 30-34 Male
Age group place: 93/112
Among Male finishers: 668/875


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