Friday, May 15, 2009

Confessions of a Lane Five Swimmer

Locker Room

My 50 SCY freestyle is 38 seconds, and my 100 SCY is 1:26 seconds in a recent time trial during a Fins practice. I should still be in Lane 5, but since we have had more inexperience swimmers joining, I found myself mostly in Lane 4 the past month.

I am usually the slowest swimmer in Lane 4. The 100 yard interval for Lane 4 is usually 1:40. I really need 1:50. If we do 6 x 100, then I can do the first two 200, then sit out a 50 to catch a breath and re-align my lane positions.

I think my hand entry and recovery improve, but I my kick is still week, and I still can't breath well on the left side.

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