Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ben Franklin Bridge 10K

Anh 45:11 (personal record)
Mark 46:28
Eric 48:28
Pat 48:30
Jeff 49:20
Todd 49:41
Faiyaz 1:22:48 (first race ever)

Team Bootylicious
It's fantastic to run with a group of friends. It's even more fantastic that I come out on top! Most of these guys swim a lot faster than I, so running is probably the only thing I can brag about. Considering that I ran this race at 49:09 last year, my 45:11 time this year is brag worthy.

Perhaps it was the team spirit ... Perhaps it was a 10k personal record ... this race has become my second favorite race, just behind the Philadelphia Distance Run.

Team Bootylicious (Eric in Red)

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