Sunday, October 07, 2007

Confessions of a Lane Six Swimmer, Part 10

Anh's First Time ...
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200m breastroke: Event 12; Heat 1
There were 3 people in my heat, but one was a no-show. Thus, there were onlly two of us on the start blocks. I didn't want a falst start so I jumped a little slower. It was a good jump, considering that I only practiced this jump a handful of times.
I made the typical first-timer's mistake by starting out too fast. I was almost sprinting for my first 50, then realily settled in that I had 3 more 50's to go. I struggled to hold pace and fell behind. I could hear all my 50 teammates cheering for me. I was excited, but I couldn't go any faster! The 25 meter pool seemed so long as I struggled through the last two laps. Someone said my time was 3:41 which was 19 seconds faster that my predicted time.

Exchange of Clothes 200m Fun Relay
I was the lead-off swimmer, followed by Eric, Todd, and Professor Mark. I produced my best 50m breastroke ever! The last 25m wearing a church lady's hat I still managed to stroke my way past another team. My team ended up winning this fun relay. The rumor is that a video of this relay will be posted on YouTube shortly.

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