Saturday, October 06, 2007

Come Out and Swim!

Fins with Pride award

Total Registered Swimmers 123
FINS- Fins Aquatics Club 41
TNYA- Team New York Aquatics 22
DCAC- District of Columbia Aquatics Club 17
LANES- Liquid Assets New England Swimming 14
PAFC- Pennypack Aquatic and Fitness 6
1776- Colonials 1776 5
JAM- Jersey Area Masters 4
TDA- Team Detroit Aquatics 3
BALT- North Baltimore Aquatic Club Masters 2
METRO- Metro Masters Swim Club 2
OHSPL- Ohio Splash 2
NAD- Nadadores de South Florida 1
MACC- Montréal À Contre-Courant 1
OR- Oregon 1
STLM- St. Louis Masters 1
VMST- Virginia Masters Swim Team 1

Logo Revealed!

The meet is today! Most out-of-town swimmers arrived last night for the registration party! Everything has gone well so far!

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