Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fusion My Ass Cross Training - Days 11 to 17

Bathroom Series
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I ran well the past week but my weight training workouts have suffered. My ass still looks great!

Wednesday July 18 (Day 11) - ran 7 miles on treadmill; shoulders / biceps
Thursday July 19 (Day 12) - off to the GLBT film festival
Friday July 20 (Day 13) - Chest / Tri
Saturday July 21 (Day 14) - ran 10 mile from city to river. Fast during last 3 miles.
Sunday July 22 (Day 15) - swam 1 mile with the Fins long-course pool; biked 15 miles on Philly Tri course; ran 4 miles to Penn's Landing.
Monday July 23 (Day 16) - ran 5 mile on treadmill at average of 8 min/mile pace; feeling assy gassy fever / chill afterward; only did a few light chest workout with Chris.
Tuesday July 24 (Day 17) - miraculously recovered from last night's illness. I should be cannonized as a saint for curing myself! Light workout with the Fins; only swam about 1,000 yards.

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Blogger David said...

Ok, if you're going to make statements like "my ass still looks great" then you have an obligation to show us more of that ass!! great pecs, but I want more ass!

9:02 PM  

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