Sunday, July 22, 2007

Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Trailer 2007

Attending the gay film festival is one of my favorite things to do in Philadelphia during the summer. I went to five screenings this year.

Shelter is a garden variety coming out movie. It's a sweet story, but I'm sick of coming out movies.

Four Letter Word is a well made urban gay romantic comedy.

Itsy Bitsy Titty Committee - I slept through most of this movie about angry young lesbians.

Hairspray is the most entertaining movie I've seen this year. I was tapping my toes and cheering at the end.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julia Newar --- This is one of my favorite campy gay films of the 90's. I came to the free outdoors screening too late so I only caught the last 10 minutes.

Gay Bed and Breakfast of Horror is one the worst movies ever. It's neither funny or scary. It's campy which is good in a skid but this feature film is 90 minutes too long.

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