Sunday, February 25, 2007

Marathon Training, Week 6

My brief flirtation with laziness ended on Wednesday night when I successfully hauled my ass back to the gym. I only ran 10 miles this week, but that was the plan. The focus was on my breathing pattern and heart rate as I went under 7 minute mile during my so-called speed training.

Monday: none
Tuesday: Fins swim practice (Corey)
Wednesday: 2.5 miles (20 minutes). Fire alarm. 3.1 miles (22:16 which may be a personal best)
Thursday: Fins swim practice (Corey ... Terri was a maniac)
Friday: Chest
Saturday: 5 miles (46:30 which may be a personal best); swim @ 12th (1000 yards total; with kick and pull drills)
Sunday: Fins swim pratice (Jen ... new people Julianne and Eric); rock gym

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