Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Triangle Reunion

Chris Puzak, probably the most well-liked editor-in-chief ever of The Triangle, is getting married! His wedding is bringing together a reunion for the staff of the Drexel University student newspaper of the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Where do former Triangle staffer go to re-live the glorious past? The Triangle office, of course! We actually had a bachelor party on production night of the Welcome Back Edition, which is the biggest issue of the paper in terms of pages and significance.

With the permission of the current editor-in-chief, about fifteen of us returned to The Triangle office, located on America's No. 1 college for having "Tiny or Unsightly Campus" for about 10 years running, according to the Princeton Review. This was my second trip back to the newspaper office. Last time I was there, some of my peers were still active members, so it was no big deal. This time, none of the current staff members knew who we were. It was an uncomfortable situation. These kids were trying to put together their biggest issue, and had to put up with fifteen strangers. I introduced myself to a few current kids. To my surprise, some of them recognized my name and an unfortunate newspaper controversy when I was the editor-in-chief.

We were at the newspaper office for about 90 minutes. We actually helped with copy-editing. I was given a clipboard, a red pen, and about a dozen articles. I started out with my specialty, hard news, and then moved on to fluffy stuff. I still knew how to copy-edit, although I had to refer to The Associated Press Stylebook for some help. Heck, if I use the AP Book and apply my copy-editing skill to my own writing all the time, this blog would be a lot better!!!

We left the newspaper office we we sensed that the kids were done with us. If I were in charge, I wouldn't allow visitors on a production night.

We moved on to more traditional establishments catering to bachelor parties, such as The Forum, and Club Wizard, both of which offer plenty of skins, and more ways to embarrass the groom-to-be.


Blogger Marc said...

I had a really great time too. Actually, I was in the triangle office until 4am, like in the good old days. I hope I didn't miss out on much.

8:50 AM  

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