Monday, May 29, 2006

Cai Luong

I was all about jazz in January, R&B in February, showtunes in March, and 128 BPM vocal remixes in April. May is Asian Heritage Month, so naturally, I return to my favorite form of Vietnamese musical, cai luong.

There are about a dozen full-length cai luong productions on my iTunes, but I pretty much stick to two, "Doi Co Luu" and "Mua Thu La Bay".

"Doi Co Luu" is about a Vietnamese woman who may or may not murder her husband around the 1930s. The 90-minute production covers 19 years. Each scene is three hanky tear jerker.

"Mua Thu La Bay" is based on a popular Hong Kong film. It's a story of an artchitectural student who meets a beautiful girl who has an heart condition. MTLB means 'autumn leaves fly' so the girl's gone 40 minutes into the musical. The rest of the production is fine, but I often just listen to the first half which is conveniently separated in a different mp3.

June's around the corner, and it is Gay Pride Month. I'm not ready to part ways with cai luong yet. All these dramatic plot twists, multi-octave divas, and tragic circumstances are Vietnamese gay boys' best friends!


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