Friday, June 17, 2005

Bachelor Auction

My soccer team is hosting a fundraiser which features live bachelor auctioning. Since I wanted to give the pool of bachelors an ethnic flavor, I am going to moonlight as a bachelor. All I need to do is to show up at the event and maybe going on a "date" with the highest bidder (with a chaperone if I needed one). A drag queen going to host the live auction, and here are the mostly fictitious info I'm giving her. My goal is to work it (like rent is due tomorrow)!

Your Name: Anh

Occupation: Vaccine Scientist

Position: Defense

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Three things you like: American politics; urban
legends; and scary rollercoaster rides

Your earliest Hollywood crush: Alyssa Milano from
"Who's the Boss?" and her TV father Tony Danza

Non-soccer hobbies: playing guitar; running (planning
to run 50 marathons in 50 states); and naked oil

Karaoke song you are most likely to request:
"Like a Virgin"

--- Elisabeth Flynn <>

> Hey bachelors!
> Thanks again for offering to help the team with your
> presence and sexyness next Saturday...
> Our drag hostess, Visa D'Kline will be emceeing the
> auction, and since she doesn't know most of the
> team, I wanted to give her a bit of background so
> she at least has a few things to say about each
> person when it's your turn. We want to make this
> fun and entertaining for everyone.


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