Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spectacular Crash

Spectacular Crash A little bruise can't keep me down

@anhphl: Bruised tush & ego after wiping out in a rainy descent during @BreakawayBikes Shop Ride today. Should be back pedaling in a few days.

How did it happen? Seven of us got caught up in a heavy rain. Five riders were ahead of me. The assistant ride leader Montana was behind me. We were going down on a small hill and the road was slightly curving to the right. I felt I was in total control and was going no faster than 20 mph. Bam! I fell down and got separated from my bike. My right palm, hip, and shoe touched the road surface and slide down the hill for about 15 yards. My crash caused Montana to crash as well. As my body came to a stop, I looked back and saw Montana sliding toward me, seemingly in slow motion.
Once I got over the shock, I started feeling pain on my right hip. I got up and was happy to see that my bike short was intact. By this time, other riders came around to help. The ride leader Todd picked up my bike and tested it. My bike was fine. Other riders helped to pick up the content of my bento box that got scattered on the road. My Garmin Forerunner 610 got quick-released and I found it a few feet away.

I didn't want to cause anymore delays so I quickly ignored my pain and got back on the saddle. I couldn't pedal much with my ride side for a while as my right hip hurt too much with each rotation. I knew I was slowing down the group ride so I tried my best to push through. My right quad then cramped up. We were still 15 miles away from Center City and I thought about stopping. Luckily, the cramp went away, and the course become mostly flat. I pedaled with the group until we reached West River Drive.

I came home 5 hours after I left. I was exhausted and in pain, and couldn't wait to go on another ride again.

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Blogger Emily Kovacs said...

that looks horrible! poor!
anyway, i also have a blog and a web directory, would u like t exchange links???

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