Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clean Air 5k

The Clean Air 5k is my favorite local 5k. My friends are among the organizers, and I have set a few 5k personal best at this race over the past 8 years. I had been running a lot of miles but didn't train for speed. Still, I was hoping to run under 20 minutes. I went out fast. Too fast. 2:40 for first 1/2 mile. 6:10 at the first mile. Then I ran out of gas. I struggled but managed to stay below 6:30 pace for mile 2. By mile 3, I was dying! I think mile 3 must have taken 6:45. I started throwing up as I sprinted for the finish line. I was still going at a 6:30 pace while puking! My final chip time was 19:55! It was hard! I don't think I will ever go under 20 minutes in a 5k again. Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


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