Sunday, June 01, 2008

Humbled in King of Prussia

Blue Tease 
Since I ran the Broad Street Run in 74 minutes, I thought I could easily run the King of Prussia Suburban 10 Miler under 80 minutes. It took me 88 minutes. It was a hilly course, so I went out at an 8 minute pace with a plan to have even split. I was on pace by mile 6 but I started slowing down. Both Eric and Comcast Jeff passed me. I walked quite a few steps at the last hill. My finish was strong, so I regret not giving my all for the last climb.

Eric has the next 6 days to brag, since we are going head-to-head again at the June 7th Wishahickon 10k Trail Classic.
Jeff and I will race again on June 8th at the Frontrunners Philadelphia 1-mile Challenge.

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Blogger ponoono said...

do you think that all the muscle development from the gym is hurting your aerobic capacity and speed?

1:27 PM  

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