Monday, August 07, 2006

Montreal OutGames 2006: Wish I Were There!

I was pretty much on the edge last week. Perhaps it was work-related stress. Perhaps it was due to an early August heatwave. My latest theory is that my body was telling me that I should have been in Montreal competing in the first ever World OutGames! I'm glad I went to the Chicago Gay Games in July, but I've been feeling like I'm missing out for not being in Montreal with some of my athletic friends. I'm gay! I'm out! I'm game! I should have been there running a marathon, swimming 200 and 400 meter breaststrokes, doing a triathlon, and playing soccer. I don't believe in the concept of heaven, but that's music to my big ears! I may be sweaty and smelly and exhausted doing all these events but I would certainly have a great time.

Photo from (click on the photo for full coverage of the OutGames!)


Blogger Gettin Bigger said...

Ah Montreal was a blast. They know how to throw a party and host really well organized sporting competitions...well I should shut-up now cuz I'm sorta rubbing your nose in it, aren't I... ;)

2:36 PM  

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