Wednesday, January 25, 2006

St. Louis Marathon: 10 Weeks Ahead

Plan: 20 miles; Actual: 20.5 miles
Yes, I met my goal for the week, but I wasn't as easy as it seemed. I fought a constant battle in my head to stay focus.
Monday: 3.1 mile run on treadmill. Too fast. Too soon.
Tuesday: shoulders; abs
Wednesday (evening): 4-mile run on treadmill. Steady but restless.
Thurssday: Off
Friday: 5-mile run on treadmill. Good steady pace. 42:30 minutes.
Saturday (evening): workout with Dr. K (chests / triceps / abs)
Sunday: 8.4-mile run to Kelly Drive, Strawberry Mansion. Negative splits (a feast I often talked about but rarely achieved).


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