Sunday, April 30, 2006


I haven't written anything meaningful the past six months. It wasn't a case of writer's block. I was having a difficulty in dealing with a silly life event. I've put myself together, and yes, I got my groove back!

I have learned much more about myself in the past six months. At this point in my life, happiness is ...

When I am healthy
When someone makes me laugh
When I feel loved
When I make someone smile
Hugs and kisses

When I can carry a conversation
When I feel comfortable enough to get my guards down
When I feel I make a difference
When I receive an email or a call from family, friends, or acquaintances

When I arrive at the train station on time for my commuting train
When I go to work and feel that I’m doing something worthwhile
When I still have a few dollars left after paying my monthly bills.
When I could help someone in need

A haircut
When my breath doesn’t smell like a week-old fish
When my bedroom is clean
When I can fall asleep on my sofa
When I finish reading a book
When my online purchases arrive
When there is no buyer’s remorse

Mariah Carey songs
A perfect iPod play-list
Road trips
When I find closet spaces to fit all my shoes
When I recognize my strengths and weaknesses
When someone or something exceeds my expectation

When I feel strong
When I stick to my workout program
When I finish a marathon
No blisters on my running feet
When I feel comfortable enough to wear a tight bathing suit
When my swimming goggles fit snuggly without leaking or hurting my face
When I take my bike out for a ride
When I put on my soccer cleats
When my soccer team wins
When I score


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